I have a Supermicro SC747TG-R1400B-SQ chassis for a workstation that I would like to be quiet enough to use by my desk (with non-Supermicro mainboard). The issue is not that the PSU's are loud when they spin up, when booting, etc. Rather that the PSU's are in a constantly heightened state of activity (noisy spinning fans) even when the system is idling.

I am currently swapping out the PSU's for a pair of PWS-1K28R-SQ instead of the PWS-1K41P-SQ that I currently have. Supermicro confirmed they would be quieter and that they would work better with the mainboard.

Unfortunately on swapping the PSU's for the new PWS-1K28R-SQ PSU's, the BMC boots but the host machine will not boot when pressing the power button.

Several of my colleagues have indicated that the issue is likely to be the PDU. I have looked at their analyses and I agree that the PDU doesn't look well designed. Also, even though there are at least five revisions of the PDU, the P/N stays the same: PDB-PT747-4648.

I'm considering cutting my losses and changing the PSU's and PDU with well designed, high quality replacements. For example, does Delta make suitable PSU's plus power distribution circuitry that could function as a drop-in replacement for the Supermicro parts? The PSU's are probably fine and the PDU is probably the thing that needs changing to one that works well.

I'm particularly interested in getting this thing as quiet as possible, and my research confirms that the PWS-1K28R-SQ is probably the quietest PSU that will work in my situation, so I want to explore all options with these new PSU's before making more... "substantial"... changes.