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Thread: New PSU for an upgrade.

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    Question New PSU for an upgrade.

    Hi guys!

    Recently i decided to upgrade my graphics card and add some RAM to my pc. When i started searching the net i found out that PSU that i bought 2 years ago (something like that, i don't really remember), came out to be a complete piece of junk. So right now, i am looking for a good PSU that will perform well in my PC. Following the instructions given in this:! thread, here are some info:


    - case: Zalman Z3
    - graphics card: currently GTX 1050Ti, but i am looking to upgrade it to Gigabyte RTX 2060 Gaming OC Pro or the Gigabyte RTX 2060 Super Gaming OC (i havent't decided which one i'll take but the Super is looking much betther in term of price/performance to the standard 2060 so i'll probably take the Super)
    - mother board - Gigabyte Z370p d3
    - CPU - i7-8700 NON K
    - cpu cooling - be quiet! Pure Rock slim
    - Ram - 2x8 Good ram 2400mhz
    - SSD - Silicone power A55
    - HDD - Seagate barracuda 1tb 7200
    - current PSU (yes i know its not good, but i decided to go for it, without waiting for it to be tested, as the saying goes **** happens :/) - CoolerMaster Masterwatt Lite 600W
    - the case has 3 build in fans (don't know if it matters that much)

    I am considering a slight overclocking for the rams (to 2666 max) but overall, nothing else.

    Location: I live in Poland

    Online shops:

    My budget is around 300-400 zł but i can pay a bit more if it would make a big diffrence. I'd rather buy something good and pay a bit more than getting stuck with something bad again

    I am grateful for any help from you guys. Cheers!

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    Non modular - Bitfenix Formula Gold 550W, 280 PLN -
    Modular - Bitfenix Whisper M 550W, 369 PLN (or 650W version for 399 PLN) -
    Nothing gets close there price wise and there are very solid units all around.

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