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Thread: Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium 1000W and stepped approximation sine wave UPS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Gerow View Post
    Worst case: The PSU isn't designed with the proper front end protection and the bulk cap blows up, but that doesn't kill your hardware on the DC side of things.
    [...]the Corsair AX Titanium has been out for some time now, is based on the Prime Titanium, and has had no bulk cap failures or complaints via tech support that the PSU doesn't work with a step sine wave UPS.
    Thanks Jon, for taking the time to reply! I take it that a company with the reputation like Seasonic will not allow a 'worst case' design to grace their line up. I checked your review on the site here, it shows pictures of 400V 105C caps, and if I read your comments from the LinuxTechTips forum correctly, that should be enough to not be 'worst case'?

    *edit* currently talking via PM to Seasonic rep, I'll summarize the results once finished, since he didn't reply to the thread itself.
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