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Thread: Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium 1000W and stepped approximation sine wave UPS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    Supposedly the protection circuits in a PSU should kick in? From Jon's post at LTT: "If the PWM controller lets the higher voltage peaks through and the bulk cap is undersized, then long term abuse could cause that cap to get too hot and vent [...] Some PSUs I've used would just shut off because the PWM would see the higher voltage and trip a safety" - throughI'm no electric engineer, don't ask me, but Jon is and if he says it should be OK if the caps can handle 105C, who am I to argue?

    I read in one of the articles I've been researching that these too are stressed by the square wave shaped power of these UPSs. I'll try to find again where.

    That is where comes in.

    The ability to handle 105C does not make it able to handle an over-voltage; but I agree with the Guru, things will probably be OK on a rectangular wave UPS, but if you prefer sine-wave that is understandable.

    I much prefer your attitude to someone that is just "whatever"...
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