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I don't know what "yellow box" CX750M means. I've never heard anyone say CX750M is a bad PSU. The older, lower wattage ones without DC to DC? Sure. But the CX750M has remained unchanged for years.

Is this a PSU problem? Sure. It's possible, but highly unlikely.

But the fact that it worked for 5 years means nothing. Product fail over time. If you've replaced everything in your PC except for the power supply, you should ask yourself, "why?"

If the PSU is that old, get a new one simply because "it's time". And if it doesn't fix the problem, I'd say you need to look seriously at your motherboard.

Thanks for your response, I just replaced the PSU, the reboot problems have disappeared but now it no longer detects my GPU, not even in BIOS. After 5 days without using the PC, I proceeded to update it and downloaded an nvidia driver that changed me to displayport (it was connected by hdmi in the motherboard port, because it did not give video by disolayport when I changed the PSU), for a moment The GPU started working but I restarted the PC and disappeared, only the fans rotate.