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Thread: Power woes... What causes this?

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    Default Power woes... What causes this?

    Hello, Newbie here.

    Been messing with Pc's since Pentium 2. Had a break for a few years. (Slowly) Getting back into it. Have an Aladdins cave in the loft of old stuff that nobody would ever want or need. Got gifted a 'few' parts from people upgrading.

    Anyhoo, power issues with my current PC have guided me to this wonderful forum.

    Had my daily rig running all good.
    AMD FX8120, Corsair vengeance 8gb 1600mhz, and an ancient GeForce 6600 thing. All powered by a cheapo (supposedly 800w) PSU.

    Started looking into running games. How foolish of me.

    Bought a second hand R9 280x DD. Required an 8pin + 6pin. Cheapo psu already had a 6pin, so modded a couple of the individual 4pin molex's and soldered an 8pin connector in. (Took supply from three different yellow wires)

    Problem 1 :

    Fired it up, and it worked flawlessly. (For about an hour) unstressed, just downloading stuff. Not gaming. Then... black screen. Fan speeded up. Power button unresponsive. Removed mains, and reapplied.
    Booted back up. Lasted 5 mins then black screen, fast fan speed, power button unresponsive. Upon inspection, this plug has completely melted on the two yellow 12v pins. Ignore the wire going under the mobo, I put it there to hold it while I took photo.

    My initial thoughts were.... perhaps the FX-8120 combined with the R9 280 were sucking too much through the 2 yellow wires on the board. Weakest point being the square crimp, hence cooked.

    Anyone shed any actual light on it?

    Back to the parts bin (the loft) and onto problem 2.

    Found a Gigabyte AM3+ board with an 8 pin atx power connector. And an EZcool cheapo 600w PSU :

    Thinking... spread the load over the extra pins, job done.

    Swapped it all onto the new board and psu. Fired it up. All good. Kept putting my finger on the 8pin atx connector checking for heat.
    No heat. Cpu sink not hot, GPU not hot, psu not hot, plug not hot. Happy days.

    So installed fortnite (it's free!) just to see what this R9 280X could do. And it ran awesome (first time I've played a modern'ish game) things have come a long way since GTA3. I was well impressed.

    Worked for about 20mins. Then 3 bright flashes and popping noises out the back of the psu and the EZcool has kicked the bucket. And taken something with it.

    Took GPU card out and chucked another working 500w PSU in and she no longer gets to POST.

    The graphics card still works in another pc.
    But can't test anything else (cpu/ram) until I get my hands on another working AM3+/ddr board.

    But I'm now lost. I now understand I need a spectacular PSU to power the FX8120 & R9 280x DD... But how much power? And what brands can you trust? And do I really need to find an 8-pin ATX motherboard or will a 4-pin be ok with a good PSU?

    My next thoughts are to pinch a 4-pin socket off an old board and soldering it onto the first one that melted so I can hopefully fire that back up. Lol.

    Gone are the days any old 500w PSU will do.

    Apologies for the longest first ever thread. I hope you're not yawning too much.
    Any thoughts/info greatly appreciated.

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    It's not a matter of PSU wattage. It's a matter of PSU quality. Including the quality of the wires, pins, connectors, etc.

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