I keep getting this error on specific situations.

This error happens when I am running a game and google chrome simultaneously (rarely happens as well with MSI afterburner, and discord). The only games I play are Dota2 (got this error only once) and Fortnite (BSOD right after I open chrome, or randomly when chrome is open in background).

I replaced my PSU, CPU, and GPU at the time this started, I believe though that it is the GPU drivers/registry(?) that's causing this issue. I think a clean reinstallation of windows will fix this problem but I do not really want the hassle to backup files etc

Is there a way to fix this?

i5 3470 upgraded to i7 3770 (70c in game)
Gtx750 ti upgraded to RX570 (60c in game)
16gb ddr3 ram
1tb hdd
Windows10 pro latest build