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Thread: PSU Recommendation and Advice

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    Default Is my PSU good enough? Guide

    1) First list your build in and include case fans, LEDs and everything that will be powered by the PSU.

    2) Now make sure you pick a PSU that will give you 100 to 150 extra headroom above than your 'Estimated Wattage' i.e. your estimated total is 480 Watts, then pick a 650 Watt PSU. Why? so you cover your CPU and GPUs maximum power usage and gives you extra room if you ever want to overclock in the future. A good example is a 2080ti that is listed having a TDP of 250 Watts but in actuality, it can use as might as 300 if it needs to depending on the game or stress test. Same with your CPU, give it an extra 30-50 Watts on top of your 'Estimated Wattage'. Now, say you pick a 550 Watt PSU to cover your 480? Everything will be fine as long as you don't demand too much from your CPU and GPU. I wouldn't risk it though, get a new PSU so you won't risk damaging your CPU and GPU.

    3) You aren't done. Now you need to pick a PSU that has been reviewed by JonnyGuru or other review sites and given high marks. Get at least a 80+ Gold PSU with the wattage you need.

    4) Ok, last thing. Go ahead and type in your PSU on google and see if it has any weird faults/errors. For example, the recently reviewed EVGA G3 PSUs had good marks but it actually has a fault when a user maxes out the PSU and that is a major oversight or a certain Seasonic PSU has faults if using a certain GPU etc. Always a good thing to double, triple check.

    5) Enjoy your new build

    Extra) Best to use two cables when powering up your GPU! Example for a 1080ti use two separate 4 pin cables instead of one cable with 2x 4 pin cable.

    "Can my 1080ti run on a 550w?"
    "Can my 2080 ti run on a 550w"
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