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Thread: First Time Building, Problems at the end.

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    Default First Time Building, Problems at the end.

    Here is my build to start off with.

    Now for the problem I followed several tutorials, and had two friends help me via online text chat guide me through the process of putting together my computer. I got it all together and connected. And when I start it up all the fans turn on, all the cosmetic lights work, so on and so forth. As far as I know it should work. However it doesn't beep or signal that its booting up, and I cannot get any monitor or cable I have to show me anything but a no signal that flashes on the screen for a moment before going into sleep mode.

    Here is what I've tried.

    Re-seated the gpu, psu, ram sticks, fan connectors, cpu and cooling unit. I tried different DIMM slots, I tried 1 single stick of ram. Checked to make sure all power connectors are well seated. I am not sure what else to do. The only thing I haven't tried that was suggested was hard reset of the BIOS by removing the battery. Can somebody help?

    Edit: Also it makes no sounds other than mechanical fans, no beeps.
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