I recently decided to connect my hx850i to the usb header on my motherboard for the first time. I have found that when I try to configure the fan through icue it trips one of the protections and I have to hard reset it and erase the custom fan profile for it to work again. Now I'm not really worried about the link functionality but it makes me wonder if the fan might have a problem. I think it might just be a software issue because the fan spins fine when I press the fan test button and it does it's normal spin test when the pc starts too, but I don't have any way to produce enough power to trigger the fan so I have no way of knowing if it will work when it needs to. Any thoughts?
I have a ryzen 2700x, gtx 1070 founders edition. I have been in contact with Corsair but unfortunately it takes a long time between emails. I have also replaced it in my primary computer with an RM unit just to be safe.