I have look around a bit for some info on the Corsair Vengeance 750m because the price right now in Canada is 89.99 (usually 124.99$)
I found a few reviews in other languages and used google translate.
Seems good and from what I have read here it is a good psu.
But how does it compare to the psu I was looking at the last few weeks I've start looking to build my system.
The seasonic focus plus gold 750w (129.99$) and the EVGA G3 750 (169.99) *the price of the G3 went up in the last month (was 134.99).

While writing this message.. the corsair CX750M is also on sale... 99.99 (reg134.99)

Specs on my buld

Ryzen 3600 or 3700x (oc)
Mobo: Asrock x570 Taichi
mem: 2x8gb 3600
Video: Gigabyte RX 5700 xt gaming oc
Storage: Let's max out just to be sure I have enough power 2 x m.2 - 2 x ssd - 2 x 5400 HD and let's add an external usb 3 HD
Cpu fan: not sure lest go big AIO Kraken 62 or H115i
Case: NZXT h510

Thanks all