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Thread: EVGA G2 or something else?

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    Default EVGA G2 or something else?


    I'm putting together a build for a new PC. Nothing crazy - 3700X (x570) and 2070S or 5700XT

    However I want to invest in a good quality PSU with a long (e.g. 10 year) warranty and expected lifespan.
    It is likely the PSU will last at least one upgrade cycle and I usually plan to get 10+ years out of a build anyway, so I don't mind investing up front for something with longevity.

    I've found EVGA G2 units (750W and 850W) at a good price which seems ample for futureproofing and everything I read seemed to point to these being quality PSUs and actually better than the G3.
    I also liked the fact they came with a DBB fan, which my gut feeling is I would trust to last longer than the FDB.

    I'm not too worried on price or noise, anywhere up to £150 or so is fine. I would rather have something reliable than cheap or quiet. I would like it to be modular.

    Looking through a couple of posts on here I see the G2 isn't really recommended - so I would like to understand if this is a bad choice or if there is something better I should be considering.

    Thank you.
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