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Thread: How is Memory Fabrication from Digital Logic Fabrication???

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    Default How is Memory Fabrication from Digital Logic Fabrication???

    I've been trying to learn more about the semiconductor fabrication industry, and there's been a few things thing I've been a bit confused about.

    I know that Memory and Logic (SoCs etc.) are typically made on different process technologies, but why? Obviously certain process technologies are more optimized for Memory, but what's an example of a difference that could dictate this?

    e.g. Samsung's 10nm process vs. their 10nm-class DRAM process

    Additionally, is DRAM and NAND made on the same process, or are they different? What about SRAM?

    I notice that when a foundry announces a new process, Logic and SRAM shrink are usually different. What causes this?

    We have seen DRAM made on "normal" logic processes, such as the eDRAM found in the Xbox One (TSMC 28nm), Intel Crystalwell (Intel 14nmfedloan easybib
    ) or IBM POWER (GF 14HP). Obviously this is done since the eDRAM needs to be on the same die as the logic, but is this actually detrimental in any way? Could I use the same process to just produce normal DRAM? (lower performance, yields, higher cost?)
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    because you need a high capacitive process for DRAM memory but do not want that for Logic Chips, for wich you want as low Capacitive, inductive and reistive as possible.

    DRAM is just a transistor and a capacitor to ground, wich holds the information...
    ANd is also the reason why refresh is needed.

    SRAM is normal logic stuff...

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