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Thread: How can I counter this opinion?

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    Default How can I counter this opinion?

    ppl sometimes says like

    Why the psu performance is so important
    or the psu itself is so important.

    The hardest thing to count was
    'PSU performance barely matters, what matters is the reliability(psu failure) and lifespan, so you shoud choose PSU with major oems with good solder quality, good components(-not design!) among all other aspects'

    What do you think and what should I say to make people 'UNDERSTAND'?

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    it depends what we are talking about and what regions...

    On the lower end, if we compare Group Regulated to DC-DC, yes it matters.
    Especially if the voltage goes out of spec (well, wich is pretty inevitable on Group regulated units. Maybe not with minor rails to 5A)

    If we talk about decent quality DC-DC units with 2-3% Voltage regulation vs. 1%, not really.
    If we talk about decent quality DC-DC units with 35-40mV Ripple vs. 15 or less, not really.

    The "Good Components" is also a thing. What do you mean, how is the circuit??
    For example: You have a design with decent quality "Wapanese" Caps (made in China) and they are right next to the 12V Rectifier and gets rather hot. And another desig with Polymers there but ChengX at the output, its hard to tell wich is better in the end.

    The Problem is that real performance isn't measured. Because Transient performance is almost more important than Ripple and Voltage Regulation.
    You see that with the PSU that have Issues with VEGA - rebooting, not shutting down...

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    The power supply is often just a source for another voltage regulator, but if not smooth that regulator must work harder and may suffer 'reliability and lifespan' issues.

    Efficiency can also be a factor as high efficiency means lower heat losses which can also help with 'reliability and lifespan' issues as well as lower the electricity bill.

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