A couple of years ago I came here looking for help and got some amazing advice! So I find myself here again, looking for an SFX PSU for my PC.

My PC, Phanteks Shift X holding:

i7 4790K stock
MSI Z97i Gaming ACK
GTX 1080 FE
16G Ram
1tb Firecuda Hybrid
240G Kingston SSD

I'd like to replace the PSU with a small form factor one, for neatness and possibly need a bit more power since I've upgraded my build lots since I got the CX450M

I'd like to spend under 100 if possible

Amazon has an SF600 Gold for 99.99
EVGA GM 550 and 650 for 70.47 and 95.59 respectively

Any thoughts on the above and any other suggestions?

Many thanks!