Hi guys, I'm writing this for my friend in Germany. He just bought a Corsair TX650M from Amazon.de and used it to replace a sharkoon unit that he had previously. After installing it (using the new cables that came with the new PSU) the system wouldn't power on at all. He then tried his old PSU) again and it turned on- except for his SSDs and Hard Drives. Those did not show up or spin up at all, dead. He can smell burning electronics from one of the SSDs. He then connected the new PSU to his old computer, but only the mainboard connectors, no drives or PCIe. It turned on no problem. But he's tried his old SSDs and HDDs in another system and they are completely fried. He isn't sure what to do, I told him to open a case with Corsair. The only thing that makes any sense to me is that somehow it was shipped with electrically incompatible SATA cables that fried his drives. Has anyone ever heard of this happening, and does he have any possible recourse from Corsair in the EU?