I would like to know How do these two fans compare with each other.
I can't find any information about this Hong Hua fan on their website, neither could i find the CFM and static pressure figures of this fan. Does anyone have it? (Perhaps Jonny himself knows It?)

Another question i have is: Is the yate Loon fan a sleeve bearing fan or rifle bearing fan? I Saw conflicting info about this. Yate Loon says it's sleeve bearing and some reviews i read said it's rifle. Which one is right?

Since i'm already opening a thread, i also would like to know if there's a big difference between the Hong Hua "H" model to the "M" model and also the performance difference between the "M" model and the "H" model from yate Loon. I see these being uses quite often and wanted to know if the real world performance os noticeable.

Last question: what about the D14SH-12 140mm fan from Yate Loon? Is there a big difference in performance between the 120mm high airflow models (with the letter "H") mentioned above and this high airflow 140mm model in the real world?

Thanks for the help!