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Thread: Offering Win10 Pro / Office 2019 Keys and more

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    Default Offering Win10 Pro / Office 2019 Keys and more

    Offering Windows 10 Professional 64/32 Retail Keys and others...
    The keys listed vhere are retail. They can be used in a fresh install or upgrade of your version of choice. Keys may be used on new machines or in “in place” upgrades.
    Keys are of several types
    SuperKeys are simple Retail keys with an extended lifetime and the key will handle both a fresh install and an upgrade install. If you login in to an MS account when activating, your activation will survive a “Significant Change” These are guaranteed to activate for a year.

    While You can “bind” the key into your MS account, you don’t HAVE to use a Microsoft Account. You can activate completely on your own if you prefer.

    Day Keys
    Day keys are pretty much what the name implies. These keys will expire within a brief time. They now have about a week lifetime, up from the original 2 days after purchase.e. They are cheaper than SuperKeys, but they are not intended for “when you get around to it” installs. You don’t want this key unless you plan to use it within the short lifetime. But, if you DO plan an imminent install, it might be just your thing. Again, these are retail keys, allowing both upgrade and clean install. They are now guaranteed for the week.
    Please Note: I will have a new batch (small) of Day Keys every morning, beginning pretty early. When they’re gone, they’re gone until the next day. DayKeys are not alwaysavailable and not always available for other than Windows 10.
    OEM Keys
    Windows 10 Pro is also offered in an OEM version. The OEM key requires a clean install; it will not perform an upgrade.

    Items and Prices


    Windows 10 Professional (64/32) Single Retail $18
    Office 2016 Pro Plus SuperKey $28
    If you're an Office 365 user, ask me about complete 365 budget accounts
    Office 2019 Pro Plus SuperKey $24

    Day Keys

    Windows 10 Professional (64/32) DayKey $8
    Office 2016 Pro Plus DayKey Inquire if available

    Standard Retail Keys

    Keys should be used as soon as convenient, but best within 1 month. It is likely keys will expire if not used. Most keys activated through a MS account provide extended activation. Again, you are not required to use an MS account. Your key purchase gets you the key delivered to your PM. You can use any of the links or tools at the end of the listing to ease your job and download install media. Some links offer down load of the latest MSDN install .iso (or have the MS resident Media Creation Tool burn it to disc or render a target USB drive a bootable Setup device) Keys are guaranteed to activate within the one month window.

    Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Single Retail key $25
    (you can install from a Win10 desktop with start>settings>upgrade)

    Windows 10 Enterprise (standard or Long Term Servicing Branch)
    Single Key $25
    note – You can also use Start>settings>upgrade to convert a Win10 install to Win10 Pro Enterprise. With your Enterprise key/s. If you need to try Enterprise you can use the link below to DL the 90 day trial iso. The evaluation version can't be activated, but it will give you a taste. If you like it, you can then use the key to upgrade an existing Win10 to Enterprise and activate it .
    Windows 10 Home Single Retail - $18 per key
    Windows 8.1 Single Retail $ 18 per key
    Windows 7 Pro (includes SP 1) retail $18
    Windows Server
    Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard CAL 1 = $30Per key
    Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter CAL 1 = =$30 per key
    Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard CAL 5 = $55 Per key
    Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter CAL 5 = $60 per key
    Windows Server 2016 Essential $25
    Windows Server 2016 Standard CAL 1 = $25 per key
    Windows Server 2016 Datacenter CAL 1 = $30 per key
    Windows Server 2016 Standard CAL 5 = $ 50 per key
    Windows Server 2016 Datacenter CAL 5 = $65 per key
    Office 2016/2019 Home and Business For Mac Retail - PM at time of order
    MS Project Single Retail Key= $25
    Visio Single Retail key - $25 per key
    Note: I generally have Office and Windows keys available anytime you order. Many more keys are available on request and special order. If you want a key you don’t see listed, please PM me to see what we can work out. You can also check out savings on Office 365. Special order keys can usually be delivered within 24 hours or less.

    Useful Links for Media and tools.

    You can install Office 2016 directly from Microsoft. You log in (or create) an MS account and request the download. Enter the key and begin the DL and install, managed by MS. Very much like an update DL and install. Not too bad with a quick system and Internet connection. Pretty annoying if you lack either. You can also use the offline Click-to-Run link for a local setup.

    Windows 10 Enterprise (Including LTSB) 90 Day Eval Download Link

    MS Office Download and Install Link

    Offline (Click-To-Run) Office Installers

    You can try the MS Office Deployment tool to create a "custom" install for Office 2016 Very slick if you’re install several custom configuration Office Suites.
    Download MS Office Deployment Tool


    Open to reasonable offers and will make combo prices for multiple items
    Various payment types available. If no PM, you may also contact me by the email
    Ickywu < at >yikez < dot > com

    Thanks for Looking
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    FWIW: Ickywu emailed me prior to posting this. You'll note the links in the post are to the downloads for the OSs and not to the keys for sale. Email or PM him to obtain these keys.

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    Thread links are only handy ways to obtain MS' freely available install media. Some require a valid key to DL; all require a proper key to activate.

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