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Thread: PSU Recommendation/Advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by f300 View Post
    Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 400W 46.60 w/discount
    The Pure Power 11 400W is available at Aria PC shipped for 43.93

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireCJ View Post
    Out of the following 3, which would be the next best and offer good value for money?
    - Corsair CX450 450W 80+ Bronze (45)
    - SeaSonic S12II 520W 80+ Bronze (51)
    - Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 500W 80+ Gold (55)
    I don't get why people are still considering the ancient S12II-Bronze after almost 10 years without real changes on the electronics...
    Only people who got blinded by capacitors, the Label but otherwise are not very involved in PSU stuff...

    Buttom Line is:
    two of them regulate 5V independantly from the 12V, have OCP on at least minor rails and OTP. One of those does not. (hint its the Seasonic).

    So that makes it pretty clear wich one of the three NOT to get.

    As said, there are other sources that are cheaper for the be quiet, that would be my choice.
    Both Corsair and be quiet are independantly regulated, electrically fine and nothing wrong with it.
    THe only negative thing about the CX450: only one PCIe Connector and a bit on the louder side.

    Quote Originally Posted by FireCJ View Post
    Alternatively, is there anything in the sub-65 range on that anyone could recommend? There's a discount code for 10/15% off which might be useful.
    Think about the Warranty!
    When getting something off of eBay its often without any manufacturers Warranty. Not recommended at all.

    I'd stay away from it.

    Used Games for Consoles, yeah, why not. But PSU? Nope.
    The price advantage isn't big enough to overcome the lack of Warranty. Things where you don't have Warranty anyway, that are cheaper, different story.

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