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In Win A1's PSU what definetly garbage.
The PSU is the biggest difference between A1 and A1 plus. In the A1 plus the PSU is a 650W Gold DC-DC.
An 80+ Rating isn't an indication of quality. Unless you have a review of the A1's PSU, you can't really comment on it's quality.

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Actually the A1 and A1+ are exceptions, I think they are the only sff PCs with an included PSU.
Also, to be fair, most of the best sff case are from smaller manufracteur so they don't have their own PSU.
Silverstone used to bundle their 300w/450w Bronze FSP made SFX units with some of their cases. Fractal Design still bundles a PSU with their Node 202. EVGA with their Hadron cases had a 1U FSP made 80+ Gold unit.

Corsair also bundled an SFX unit with their Bulldog "case" but that was somewhat closer to a Barebones kit.