I was having an issue with my 6700k stock going to 92c with my case open and a bad cooler.

I installed a much better cooler the arctic 34, which claims 2.5c of the best air cooler the Noctua d-15.

I am still getting temps of up to 85c when gaming, so I have gained around 5c from a basically stock cooler to a decent one.

Have I got a bad chip. It fluctuates a lot when Idle, from say 20-50, but I have been told that is usual by other people here.

My voltage is on auto and it bumbs up to 1.43 quite a lot, is this the issue, should I be setting a stock voltage at something much lower.

When Installing the CPU cooler it was very fiddly and I bumped the side of it lightly, maybe that was it?