I decided to post here b/c I know that there are some very knowledgeable ppl with respect to PSU's around here.

The above screenshot gives you an idea of the issue I am seeing. It has been generated by HWINFO64.

I am seeing serious overvoltage of the CPU PCH, CPU Cache, CPU Digital IO & CPU Analog IO. Values recorded are in the vicinity of 2.5 Volts. In this particular screenshot you can see overvoltage only in the PCH and CPU Cache, but I am regularly seeing recorded voltage spikes in the vicinity of 2.5Volts in the other two fields as well (CPU Digital IO & CPU Analog IO).

Once I had enabled the GRAPH feature of the software, and the spikes appear on the graph as "needles" of extremely short duration.

Could it be that my PSU is to blame for these? Are they real, you think? I mean could it be that they are software glitch? For what it's worth, I am seeing the same peak voltages reported by HW Monitor.

I have ruled out the mobo as the culprit as I have tried different OC configurations and recently reflashed the BIOS.

CPU: 4770k
Mobo: Asus Maximus VI Hero
PSU: Silverstone Strider Gold 850W ST85F-G (year 2011 model; Oklahoma Wolf had reviewed a sister unit to my PSU, the 650W variant, but that review has disappeared from your database and is no longer retrievable).

I am not having any issues whatsoever with my PC. It's gaming stable and my CPU isn't degraded due to electromigration as it's stable at the same OC voltages for years now. My CPU runs mostly at stock as I rarely game. For what's worth it, these voltage spikes appear both when my CPU is working at stock voltages (ca 1V and below CPU VCore) and when my CPU is OC'd while gaming thus making it impossible for me to think of a pattern.

Thanks in advance for any help.