Hey guys!

People usually ask for my advice on PC components. Usually they tend to all need around the same power budget, willing to invest in a good quality PSU (100-140$ CAD, in the USD that tends to be ~90$ PSUs). Some care about noise, others don't. I tend to just recommend the RM550/650x as I have had good experiences with them, especially noise-wise.

I find ~550W PSUs tend to have many good options at this price range here, here's rough tax-in prices for the following:
Corsair RM550x 125$
EVGA G3 550W 135$
Seasonic Prime Ultra 550W Gold 135$
Bitfinex Whisper M 550W 115$

My EVGA P2 on my main rig has an odd problem on its 1st boot that other PSUs don't have, and that followed after upgrading the rest of my system, so I tend not to recommend EVGA anymore.
I don't really have much feedback with other PSUs I've used, apart from older Corsair HX750 and HX850 that are still kicking strong in 24/7 systems.

Online people seem to like the Seasonic Prime Ultra Gold and the Bitfenix Whisper M, would you guys say they are pretty similar to the RMx series? Any other PSUs that are interesting?