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Thread: Lithium Ion UPS

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    DDS = Direct Digital Synthesizer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Gerow View Post
    Newer converters, just like with newer power supplies, are more efficient. So the added power consumption shouldn't be too high.

    Using an on-line UPS removes doubt since there's no switch over time.

    When I used to install Avaya IP Office PBX equipment, I once used a CyberPower 1500VA line interactive to keep the system up. It's a very good UPS by all accounts. But the different modules in the rack had varying hold up times. If one module went down, your whole system might as well go down. And IP Office takes a long time to reboot (about two to three minutes... which seems like a lifetime when you have 200+ users in a call center that can't use their phones!!!)
    The PSU's in the newest IP500V2's are way better probably than what you were working with back then. As well, I find the newer 'prosumer' UPS units like the BR1500MS and Cyberpower's own have been perfectly fine on a Base IPO system, or even the NEC SV9100's we deploy.
    That being said if the customer has the budget I am in agreement with you that Online is best.

    Cool that what you used to do is what I do now lol.

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