Hello everyone,,,
So I am currently running a Xeon 1231v3 with a Gtx1060 6gb and im looking to invest about 500 in new parts.

Im playing in 1080p @144hz mainly Counter Strike but also other popular AAA titles like battlefield. I am a big fan of watching videos on my second monitor while playing and Im currently having massive frame drops and stuttering in every game doing this and im not quite sure if this is a GPU or CPU related problem.

I have been looking at the I5 9600k as well as the Ryzen 2700X and with a decent motherboard and 16 GB of DDR4 Ram it would fit my budget fairly well. If my GPU is currently bottlenecking, I would be looking at a used 1080 maybe 1080ti or a 2070. But im not quite sure what really is the bottleneck in my pc and i would apprechiate some help. I should also mention that I currently have 3 1080p monitors running which probably is fairly heavy on my graphics card right?

Also im quite concerned about the 3000series Ryzen CPUs coming this year which are supposedly worth the wait. Thank you in advance.