Hello, sorry I am new here, I don't think i have seen the mega question thread, so I posted a new discussion instead.
if there's a mega thread, please point me there.

I have current PC with :
1x Intel i5 4670
1x MSI GTX 570
2x 16gb RAM DDR4
4x be quite silent wings 3
1x samsung 970 EVO SSD
3x 2TB Seagate HDD
1x 4TB Seagatte HDD
1x Super Flower Leadex Gold 550W

I will upgrade my PC to :
1x Intel i9-7920x or AMD 2950X (depending which one available at the time I go to store)
1x RTX 2080
4x 32gb RAM
and those storage drives

I am not overclocker, I play nice and save

Should I keep my Leadex Gold?
Or should I upgrade it?

this link point to my local shop https://www.enterkomputer.com/psu.php
items in ready stock label are preferred,
if there are anything better with no ready stock label, it is okay to choose, i'll take my time to wait pre-order time if it's really that good.
max budget will be IDR 2,000,000ish (under 2,000,000 is preferred but if it's that good, then 2,999,999 is my limit)

Thank you