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Thread: Site updates....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cass-Olé View Post
    Topic: Username Issue / Error

    Hello Jonny & Tazz: I like the new digs & how the forum's finally friendly on the ii's, it looks spiffy

    The username I go by didn't survive the make-over ... no rush, but can u attempt to change me user name back to Cass-Olé por favor, this new Olé makes it tough to sign in with ... no biggy, tyt, & good luck getting your forum the way u want it (feel free to delete this post after Admin intervention)

    in the event it's my browser, see before & after photo below of what I'm seeing on my end
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    Fixed. You're now Cass-Olé.

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    Any update on the site?
    the missing reviews??
    Is there at least the possibility to download them and have them on Disc?

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    I apologize, guys, I've got a review almost 100% (just needs to be scored and a summary). I've been adding in the old reviews as I go. I have all 2019, 2018, and 2017 reviews in. I started on 2016's list until I caught this bug going around. It's crippled me for several days now (hell I think this is my first time online since Wed of last week).

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