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Thread: Using a multi meter to find out voltag regulation

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayjr1105 View Post
    Or get a meter that has an audible alert when you have probes in the wrong ports for voltage/current mode.

    The cheap Mastech/Centech Harbor Freight meter does this along with the BK precision 2709B if you want to get a really nice meter.

    I have a Fluke for voltage only and another meter for current; I like to keep them separate as I may be in the wrong mode. The ideal solution is not to be fatigued, but real life does not always comply. This guy illustrates the problem at time 3:07

    Perhaps a good solution is a self resetting fuse; I have one digital multi-meter of this type. often have free multi-meters with purchases over $50, so my collection has grown over the years. My favorite product is their 5 amp variac so I can run bedroom fans in silent mode (triac based speed controls tend to make the motor buzz).
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