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Thread: any way to fix critical RM1000x flaw? (modify default fan speed))

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    Exclamation any way to fix critical RM1000x flaw? (modify default fan speed))

    so I recently bought an RM1000x at a bargain price it was a recent unit from january 2018 & I have his bill
    basically was tempted because of the good reviews it got (on this site & kitguru)

    problem is I shouldve paid more attention & only too late did I realize this unit has a 0 fan mode which can't be switched off

    apparently the fan on this unit only triggers at around 450W

    tough luck my 980ti rig based "only" eats about 400W tops

    so imagine 400W without fan it'll be boiling hot & won't last (so call "warranty" is useless Corsair can claim it was negligence or something)

    like this guy who can barely touch it :

    basically I'd be running the PSU smack dab in the danger zone (too hot for safety but not hot enough to trigger the fan)

    the very fact they designed the fan to be off even on mid-load and didn't include a hybrid mode is suspicious

    so long story short fanless PSUs are better avoided especially when operating at the fan-less limit

    so my question is, is there any simple way I can modify the default fan speed so it runs at a minimum speed even on lowest loads?

    I realize this ain't like a graphics card where I can modify the bios by editing the fan curve then flash the card
    but maybe a simple manipulation to force the fan to always spin?

    (else I plan to resell the PSU I reckon I can easily sell it for 20 or 30E more than I bought it)
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