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Thread: Second hand PSU question

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    Default Second hand PSU question

    Got myself a second hand RM750i from the web. It was shipped with the wrong cables by the seller, and fortunately SCP managed to spare my drives (as the SATA cable included wasn't the Type-3 meant for the RMi, but a sleeved one with a different pinout, got lucky) before anything fried.
    Got myself new cables from Corsair directly, and after a paperclip test, I managed to power the PSU on and confirm 12V output with a case fan.

    Now, I'd like to conduct some more tests before risking my build and verifying the PSU in question is fine, and hasn't suffered from having an incorrect cable connected to one port and possibly damaging something. What would a good approach be for testing the PSU safety before actually installing it into my case?

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    Testers with LCD readouts are as low as around $6 on ebay
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