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Thread: Washing machine trip the breaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sew333 View Post
    If everything is fine now again, can i plug new pc?
    Quote Originally Posted by sew333 View Post
    I dont have separate breaker for washer So its trip the main man.

    The same like oven in past. A burned light bulb in oven tripped rcd main breaker etc and nothing happen again .

    You have answered your own question; if all it takes is a burned bulb to trip the main power, it is not safe to plug in a PC if the data is important to you.
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    It's definitely something with that washer and Manufacture...but you got one of the fancier boxes something wall side sounds like? Could be lower Amperage rated too. It's not like old school boxes coming in..and had added the 30amp GE in there...gonna take a lot to trip that one...its got some cheaper breakers in there..I don't know what they are something else. I can't Trip them either..Idk never took them out..not labeled on the outside but it looks changed..Might be Square D or something.

    Catch on fire before tripping a way they underrated shit, somewhat..shit catch on fire before that breaker trips.
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