I am building a new rig and the only thing I am keeping from my old rig is a corsair TX550m. I need a PSU to throw in in order to sell my old rig.
My old rig is a FX 6300 with a GTX 970.

Microcenter has a PowerSpec 650 Watt 80 Plus Gold ATX Semi-Modular open box. It would be under $40 with the coupon. Is it worth throwing in? I don't want to sell anyone a timebomb.

I asked the guy at microcenter. He said that their psu is made by thermaltake. Considering Thermeltake doesn't even make their own psus I am not sure what that means.

For all you "flippers" out there, is it easier to sell a rig with an unknown gold, semi PSu or a evga 500b