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Thread: Sleeve bearings

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    Default Sleeve bearings

    Sleeve bearing fans seem to get a bad rap, but I have a house full of room fans, and find even when new they have very little lubricant; but I pull them apart, add oil, and find they now run indefinitely. I have one that runs 8-12 hours a day and is still doing fine after more than 10 years; then again I do run it slow on a variac.

    One trick to check the bearings is to rotate the fan and see that the fan blades do not follow.

    I have also seen no failures in my sleeve bearing computer fans after I have them well oiled.

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    Sleeve bearings have a bad rap because:

    1.) Production Inconsistencies
    2.) They need maintenance much earlier in life than competing bearings
    3.) The basic design flaw that if you don't seal the oil chamber they will leak out lubricant if they're horizontally mounted.

    4.) Rifle Bearings cost about the same and are just better.

    As you have experienced though, a sleeve bearing can last a long time as long as they are cared for properly.

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