I found this great spreadsheet of AM4 motherboards and I'm using it to find those that best suit my PM02 case (2 USB3 headers and 4+ system fan headers).

I've noticed many list having a socket for a 4-pin or 8-pin CPU power connector in addition to the standard 8-pin and 24-pin.
My PSU is the Bitfenix Formula Series 550W (as recommended in these forums ) only has a 24-pin and 4+4-pin when it comes to Motherboard cables.

Clearly the extra connectors are to allow for CPU overclocking which I have no interest in doing (stability and longevity FTW!) but will such MOBOs throw a fit if not all their power connectors are filled?

I don't want to filter the spreadsheet to only MOBOs with a single 8-pin connector if I don't have to as it looks like that would be quite restrictive - consistently pointing me to the Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming as the only option.

I tried Googling but just got people asking about putting 4-pin connectors in 8-pin sockets :/