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Thread: Simple build question from a newbie

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    Default Simple build question from a newbie

    Which will probably require a complex answer.
    I'd like to build a desktop that doesn't have a lot of crapware on it and will serve my purposes. I'm looking for guidance/suggestions. I'm not a gamer, I'm a 62yr old geezer that's more into hot rods/motorcycles/mechanics than computers. I'm not totally ignorant about electronics. I was an electronics warfare specialist in the USAF, but that was over 40yrs ago. LOL!

    I mostly use my computer for: email, watching youtube, watching DVD's, playing CD's, online banking, discussion boards, eBay, Amazon, etc..

    I have a full tower and a mid tower that could be used for the build. I don't imagine any of the hardware in them would be usable since they were Windows 98 and XP systems. I'm currently using an HP Pavilion p7-1010 with Windows 7. I like Windows 7, but if it would be better/smarter to upgrade to Windows 10 for the new desktop, let me know.

    So, any suggestions on motherboard, power supply, hard drive, graphics card, etc., would be greatly appreciated. I don't use wifi at all, so that's not a concern.

    If this is posted in the wrong place, just let me know.


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    First and foremost, do you have a budget in mind?
    Likewise, do you have any form-factor requirements: e.g. is there any certain size restrictions for the tower?

    Do you need any peripherals at all? Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, etc
    For a pretty simple and straightforward build you could go for a system like this:

    Ryzen 3 2200G
    AsRock B450 Pro4M Motherboard
    Corsair 2x4GB DDR4 2666Mhz Kit
    Corsair VS450

    Case wise there are a ton of options, but it somewhat depends on what you want / likes in terms of looks.

    You could get a case like the Cooler Master Silencio 352 which has some noise dampening properties and gives you a built in front panel SD card reader which may be useful to you. The Antec P5 Ultimate is another similar case but moves the power button and USB ports to the top of the case though it lacks a card reader.

    You also have less expensive cases like Thermaltake Versa H15 which has a more "gamer" look to it and no noise dampening. Besides being a bit noisier it will give higher airflow to your system to help keep it cooler, but given the low power hardware you'll be using, that's not really a concern. So the biggest upside is the case just being cheaper.

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    1. Question: How big do you want it to be? Do you want to keep the Case or doesn't it matter?
    2. How moch should it cost?

    As for CPU: I'd suggest going for an AMD 2200G or 2400G with 2x8GiB Memory, an M.2 SSD (480-512GB).

    3. How much storage do you need or want or need? Any important files you need to backup??

    For a normal Office PC without much heavy load, I tend to go to a smaller case but they are more of a hassle to build and you need "special components" for that build.

    Or you can go bigger and have more common components, less hassle to build but it takes more space but it can be quieter as well (under load at least)...

    Something I have in mind is:
    AMD Ryzen 5 2400G (because of integrated Graphics), ~150€
    MSI B450I -> ~100€
    2x8GiB DDR4-2933, ~130€
    Antec ISK110 -> ~75€
    Noctua NH-L9a-AM4, ~40€
    Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB M.2 -> ~100€

    But remember, its a bit more complicated to install this system.

    For an easier build, you could switch to a larger case. As for the Case, its much about taste.
    You should switch the Board with an MSI B450-A Pro for ATX or ASRock B450M Pro4 for µATX (that is what your case is right now).

    PSU something like be quiet Pure Power 10 400W or Bitfenix Formula 450W.
    Heatsink can be the boxed if you don't care about noise, if you care, something like a Noctua NH-L12 isn't the worst idea or, better if the case allows it a Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4.
    If you do not care about noise too much, the AMD Boxed is also an option.

    Rest you can use from the build above.

    As for Storage:
    That depends on what you (really) want and need...
    The SSD is the most important part, HDDs can be added later.

    As for Windows: You should get a Copy of Windows 10 Home or Pro. Windows 7 doesn't really work on modern systems and is a hassle to setup, you need to disable some specific Windows Update and also a PS2 Keyboard. You can not use a Mouse as USB doesn't work until you install the needed USB 3 drivers.

    I hope I didn't confuse you too much with the Information

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