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Thread: Help: Is my card bad, or my CPU is bottlenecking?

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    Default Help: Is my card bad, or my CPU is bottlenecking?

    Hi guys, I decided to buy a used ASUS Strix GTX 1080Ti OC card at a discounted price. The guy that sold it to me said that it was used only for a day and it never was used but for a project he connected 6 projectors and stored to never be used again (I think he used 2, since I saw another publication of his with the same card.).

    I received the card and installed afterwards. I began to make some tests with it (Metro Last Light Benchmark, 2715 x 1527 because for some reason 1440p is not present.) and the results... I'm not so convinced that the card is what he claimed it was.

    I tried to overclocking with +70 to the main clock and +200 on Mem Clock, and test with Unigine Heaven, but it crashes on windowed mode, so I tried Metro LL Benchmark. It didn't crashed, fortunately, but still I'm not so sure of the results.

    I'm copy-pasting my results (3 runs) and posting the graphs. Mostly, the help I ask is if someone could tell that the results are consistent with my rig setup.


    For some reason the RAM is not showing the right frequency, it is overclocked at 2933 @ 18-20-20-39


    2018-09-24 22:06:28
    Preset 0
    Options: Resolution: 2715 x 1527; DirectX: DirectX 11; Quality: Very High; Texture filtering: AF 16X; Advanced PhysX: Disabled; Tesselation: Very High; Motion Blur: Low; SSAA: ON;

    Run 0 (D6 )
    Total Frames: 11030, Total Time: 171.1949 sec
    Average Framerate: 64.46
    Max. Framerate: 117.77 (Frame: 9058)
    Min. Framerate: 9.66 (Frame: 9804)

    Run 1 (D6 )
    Total Frames: 11047, Total Time: 171.2665 sec
    Average Framerate: 64.54
    Max. Framerate: 119.42 (Frame: 9084)
    Min. Framerate: 9.05 (Frame: 5395)

    Run 2 (D6 )
    Total Frames: 11014, Total Time: 171.2685 sec
    Average Framerate: 64.34
    Max. Framerate: 120.93 (Frame: 9013)
    Min. Framerate: 5.89 (Frame: 6975)

    Average Results
    Average Framerate: 64.33
    Max. Framerate: 120.93
    Min. Framerate: 5.89
    I really HOPE is the CPU.

    Thanks guys.
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