Severe problem has happen yesterday and today, my freaking WD Blue 1 TB (i say freaking beacause this is the second WD Blue that i change beacause after 1-2 years die with no reasons), seems again near the death:

2 SMART Software on 3 says that my HDD is imminent to failure, the problem is: a high RAW Value of End-To-End Error.

Which is 920. For Now, i have changed the SATA cable and i have choosed another SATA port but Windows has freeze for 5-6 times (all PC Freeze, Windows say me that he can't access anymore to the drive) but with a reboot all return fine.

So i change again the SATA port and now seems to go fine. For now i do a backup, but what the hell is happen here?

it's my motherboard or PSU that slowly kill my PSU? (my SSD works fine like a swiss clock) or is this dammit WD?

And with WD Data Life Diagnostic if i run a test he says "FAIL" with again SMART Error.