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Thread: Heavier PSU = better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oliver Valdéz Guzmán View Post
    is it that bad to use a group regulated one?

    I know they have loose voltage regulation in crossloads but can that really damage a computer?
    If the PSU has good protections, it'll shut down before anything damaging to other parts happens.

    But that's the point. The group regulated PSU's ARE shutting down. Why buy some crappy group regulated unit that's going to keep shutting down instead of going in and out of sleep mode when there are SO MANY units out there with DC to DC?

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    Only reason to buy group regulated PSU today is dumpster diving to complete a super cheap, low power PC. I can't think of any group regulated PSU I'd buy for similar price as common DC-DC units currently available (e.g., Corsair CX or BQ System Power 9)

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