does cheaper price is a sign of not a good one ????

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Antec NeoECO II 450W is a good budget option for it's price. Perfect for your current PC, also fine for the upgrade you're planning.

Andyson H6 AD-F60GG 600W is also a good option, a bit better quality and performance wise, also more efficient.

Segotep GP600T 500W is efficiency wise a nice improvement, it has a 80PLUS Titanium certificate, but the quality is probably a bit worse then the Andyson. But it should still work perfect a long time.

Seasonic G-450 Gold 450W is quality wise then a bit better then the Segotep, but the efficiency is of course lower.

Last interesting option for you is the Seasonic Focus Plus 550W, mostly interesting because of the 10 years warranty. Otherwise it isn't much better then the others.
price tag in rupiah :
andyson = 970k
antec = 680k
seasonic = 1140k
segotep. = 990k
from what i stand , below 500w not suite
so i will go with andyson h6 ad-f60gg 600w
my main question is it really good cause i really confuse with the low price for high watt n effiecient .... ?
or i just go with seasonic g-550 = around 1200k .