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Thread: Facing a strange issue with Corsair CX550

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    Default Facing a strange issue with Corsair CX550

    I am facing a strange issue with CX550 for past few days. First of all here is my setup/system:
    Mains power-->pure sine wave inverter(1400VA) with battery backup(a few hours)-->simulated sine wave 600VA(360W) UPS-->Desktop(Pentium G620+1050Ti+4HDD+1 usb HDD).

    Problem I am facing is that whenever I am playing a video file using madvr which loads gfx card to ~65% & if there is a power cut then system just shuts down along with long constant beep from UPS. This issue does not happen if system is not playing a video file using madvr(aka very low gfx card usage).This issue also does not happen if I remove UPS & directly connect the system to pure sine wave inverter.

    I just want to know the reason behind this strange behavior before deciding to buy a new ups in future as pure sine wave ups are much costlier here compared to simulated sine wave ups.

    Update: I tried manually turning off the inverter power supply to the UPS while system was playing a video file with madvr in full screen & system shuts down completely along with long constant UPS beep indicating my 600VA UPS is unable to provide required power to system.How can this be as 1050Ti is 75W TDP card & coupled with an ancient Pentium G620 processor even assuming 80% cpu load & 90% gfx card load,a 600VA ups should be able to provide necessary power(it is around 14 months old)?With this same setup I never had such issue while using an old FSP Saga II 400W psu.
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