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    Default AX1600i

    Thing's a beast!
    Swapped out a 1600 T2 (the Superflower one) because of whine. Voltages and stability were great.

    The Corsair seems to keep the voltages under lower loads (150W) closer to spec and at higher loads (1kW) dead on. Monitored voltages with a decent DMM (Keysight 344670A) while running GPU encoding (handbrake) and IBM Watson Analytics (36 threads). CPU temp in the upper 70s. Average load on AX1600i was 1.1 kW. Voltage was definitely more stable than the 1600 T2! Efficiency also 94-95% and this was running at 133V input. During the day our solar panels boost the voltage higher so the excess goes back to the grid in case you were wondering why it was so high.

    But I can see the difference. And I'm surprised the fan on the AX runs as soon as it does. The AX1500i fan did not come on until it got very warm. The 1600 T2 fan is the same. So they win on the quiet side.

    I can't get over how small it is for 1.6kW! I still have my Ultra X3 1600W which is like 77% efficient at full load! Wouldn't want to be mining with that slug!

    Oh and the system is an Asus ROG Rampage Extreme VI, Intel Core i9 7980XE running at 47x100 at 1.185V, 128GB Corsair Dominator Platinum running at 2666MHz 15-15-15-35-1T at 1.33V, Dual nVidia Titan V, (3) Samsung 960 Pro 2TB, CPU delidded and relidded with grizzly liquid metal TIM. Cooled with EK Monoblock (full CPU load 512AVX 4.7GHz all cores is 80C, VRM temperature 58C).

    Now if they do a full digital AXi series for mITX systems! SFX800i?! DROOL!

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    DMM (Keysight 34460A)
    lovely DMM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minerva View Post
    Now if they do a full digital AXi series for mITX systems! SFX800i?! DROOL!
    That'd be something to see, but you may have to convince Jon to adopt SFX-L first if you want it within the next 3 or 4 years.

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