This is from a 2009 build where the original PSU was the HX1000, which became faulty, and RMA'd and got the HX1050 as a replacement.

It is just a spare PC (or was) for family like my daughter who needs to print stuff off, and keeps her and others away from my 2016 build, which is just for me....

The problem is:

I turn on the PC via the HX1050 PSU mains switch, which then fires up the fans, and clicks and shuts down, to try again in a couple of seconds, which then shuts down again, rinse and repeat into this loop.

So I am assuming that it has lived its life, and doesn't want to perform for me any more.

Would this be correct ?

I do have a spare HX620, which as far as I know works, and could try that when I have the time and energy to try it out, as it would be on the list of things to do along with the painful experience of reinstalling Windows 10 on my 2016 PC, as I have settled for Windows 7 for now, as it works.

It used to work with the components of an Abit Fatal!ty board, i7 920, 8 gigs of Corsair DDR 3 RAM, 2 x Gigabyte 6870OC cards, Creative Labs USB sound card, etc., and I don't really want to dump it as being obsolete.

Anyway, thanks...