Ok, So I bought one of these for my desktop PC - with (currently) 10 SAS 8TB drives, an i7-8700K an Adaptec ASR-78165 SAS controller, an RX-580 GPU and some other stuff. I liked it so much (mostly its silence under load), that I bought a second one.

The second one was only needed for a temporary (mining) project, for which it turned out to be way overkill. I have 6 RX 580's and the associated PC pulling less than 750 watts from the wall. Now I am running that happily on a Seasonic 850w Focus, which cost me about $70 after Newegg's rebate.

So, now I am considering either selling the DP Pro, or putting it into another desktop PC which has fairly low power requirements. My question is this:

Currently, I have an electrically quiet 45 amp SMPS 12v power supply that runs a decent size Class A audio amplifier on occasion. Could I run the low power PC (i7-7700t w/ Adaptec SAS controler and 4 drives, Intel i350 quad NIC card and GTX1050ti) with this 1200 watt supply (multi or single rail configurable) and also run the amp? I think the amp power draw would fit within the confines of a single rail limit, but if not, could I combine two rails and still keep it configured as multi-rail - I like the OC protection of the multi-rail option - especially if I am potentially going to be pulling wires outside of the PC case.

I believe I have enough filtering in the amp to get rid of any HF noise from the PC.

Is this a horrible idea? For the likely price for resale, I would prefer to put it to use.

My concern is that even though the amp has inrush protection due to the design, it may still trigger something in the PSU that would shut down the machine.