Good evening to everyone,
I'm an italian user just registered,
I would need to change 2 good power supplies for 2 different two old PCs:

1 pc: intel core e8400
graphics card GV-740D5OC-2GI rev3.0
ddr2 Corsair XMS2 DHX CM2X2048-6400C5DHX 2x2gb
generic ddr2 2x2gb
motherboard Msi P7 sli platinum / p7n zilent.
zerotherm nirvana NV120 heatsink with 120 fan
logitech mk300 keyboard
microsoft touch usb mouse

2 pc:
Intel Pentium dual core and 5700
Asus Intel GMA X4500 integrated graphics card
motherboard P5g41t-m lx
hdd sata 500gb
dvd-cd rw combo
ddr3 kingston 1333 4x1 gb
I kindly ask you to help me in the choice for a power supply with good efficiency and energy savings for 1, considering the possibility of recovering it for a new pc soon with a dedicated not too powerful.

For the 2 maximum cost 50 €. with the possibility of inserting a dedicated card in case the integrated function no longer works.
Thank for help.