HI. I have 8700K on stock with mobo Asus Z370 Pro Gaming + case Fractal Design R5. Cpu temps on games are fine 70C+.

3dmark physic test looped 70-80C.
Unigine Heave 50-65C max on some spots.
Crysis 3 first level 60-72C

When i run Asus Real Bench it skyrockets in stress test to 95C, and i am stopping test.
In Prime95 its worst with small ftt,but i guess its using AVX.
Any ideas why it causing this?
My cpu cooler is Cryorig M9i.Cpu is not overclocked.

XMP profile enabled in bios on memory 3000mhz. UEFI STOCK bios. Cpu clocks during test 4700mhz so auto oc is on.

Is sense to play with this for syntetics only? Thanks. I am only testing games.