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Thread: Modding Stacker 830

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    Default Modding Stacker 830

    Hi, I'm planning on adding a cpu cutout for my case, my cooler is for a am4 socket, is there any template available to be used to know the exact location of the cooler and cutout, I've tried searching but I can't find it.

    I'm also gonna be painting my case interior (the original stacker 830 from 2006) (aluminium).

    I was thinking of removing the front bays, they can be used to house hdd's and fans with a adapter, but I plan on getting separate hdd mountings to mount them on the bottom of the case.

    My question is, how can I remove them?
    How can I still place the fans on the front without the bays?
    I've heard that wihout the front bays, the psu next to the psu on top cant be connected and should be removed, but by doing so the case becomes flimsy, what can be done about that?
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