First off, I love the site. I've been quite happy with the Seasonic Focus Gold 550FX that I eventually settled on with the help of your excellent reviews.

I was wondering if you'd ever given any thought to testing server power supplies. I'm particularly interested in HP's "Common Slot" power supplies. You can pick up the smaller versions of these supplies for less than $20 on eBay while the beefier 1200 and 1500 watt versions usually cost between $65 and $180. These things tend to be incredibly efficient; many models exceed the 80Plus Platinum requirements while some even meet or exceed the Titanium requirements.

From my reading the PSUs only have a single 12VDC rail but with a small modification it's possible to gang two units allowing for 24VDC output. If a person was felt so inclined I don't see any reason that ganging a great number of units wouldn't be possible. It would be quite interesting to see how ganging two or more units effects the output stability and ripple.

Personally, I've been contemplating using a few of these supplies as the basis for a variable DC lab/bench power supply. Quality bench supplies often employ big heavy toriadal transformers as their output is comparatively free of ripple.

As much as I'd enjoy torturing a few of these myself I don't own a programmable active load.

Thanks again for all the great work you've done here over the years.