Hello everyone,I have a system with the following configuration:

I5 cpu,gigabyte b75 d3h mobo,4+4=8gb DDr3 ram,750ti gpu,3 hdds.

For the last few months,i have been using a Corsair VS450 psu to power this build.However i have been growing increasingly concerned about the reliability of this psu as vs series psus are generally regarded as lower tier products.Also i used to observe that during load conditions the voltage on the 12v rail of this psu dropped to around 11.73 volts(as reported by HWinfo64-also please note that during idle it was around 12.1V).

So i decided to change this psu recently and opted for a CX450 as its supposed to be a 80plus certified unit and therefore more reliable than a vs450(at least in theory).

However much to my dismay,upon installing this psu i discovered that the voltage readouts on its 12v rail were even lower-during load it was dropping to around 11.66V and while idle it was at 11.95V!

I am really shocked by this-i was under the impression that in corsair's newer CX series psus (that employed a Dc-DC type design),voltage regulation would be a lot better than other lower grade products that employ a group regulation mechanism(such as the vs series psus).

Is there some kind of a problem with this psu or could the readings that are being provided by hwinfo possibly be erroneous?If its indeed providing 11.6 v under load,then would it be safe to continue using this psu for any length of time?

Heres a screenshot of hwinfo that i took when i was using my vs 450:


heres another one that was taken today after installing the cx 450:


Does it indicate that i my newly bought CX 450 might be defective?Please check and advise,thanks.