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Thread: How much better is a Maglev Fan vs a FDB or Sleeve fan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schofts View Post
    No, I mean the eloop's bearing.
    Noiseblocker's old NanoSLI bearing was a modified sleeve bearing using magnetic stabilization. I don't know what they have changed with the NanoSLI-2 bearing as I haven't had a chance to open up a fan using it and unfortunately Noiseblocker doesn't even post any technical diagrams about the bearing itself.

    With that said, the old Nano-SLI bearing was quiet but it wouldn't outlast a 2BB or FDB fan as the oil chamber was not seeled and it didn't use any kind of rifling to circulate the oil throughout.

    Quote Originally Posted by Schofts View Post
    Is maglev better than fdb or ball bearing?
    In a raw technical performance standpoint; for the most part yes. The biggest downside if you ignore cost is the power draw of a MagLev bearing. As a single, or even 12 fans in a system, it doesn't add up to much. On the other hand, when you have a datacenter full of systems each sporting 8-12 fans per. It can easily add up.

    Generally speaking, a MagLev bearing should produce less noise and work longer than a FDB or 2BB. The bearing of a fan isn't everything though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Schofts View Post
    I was asking to you check the link, because there could be something better for the price.
    You said you're looking for the most durable product and the ML series fits that bill while still being a product that's able to perform well in most scenarios.

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    Mag lev gives radial support, but one still needs a physical axial 'bearing' so one hasn't got total levitation.

    Does anyone know the MTBF hours for the Corsairs?

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