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Thread: choosing a psu for a Ryzen 5 1600\ RX 580 built

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    Default choosing a psu for a Ryzen 5 1600\ RX 580 built

    Hello, i'm trying to build my first pc and things started to become very complicated when it comes to choosing a psu, after reading different forms i found several options that match my budget and good enough according to pricing in my country.
    these are my options:
    1)ENERMAX ERD600AWL-F REVOLUTION DUO (has two fans)
    2)DEEPCOOL QUANTA DQ550ST 550W 80+ gold
    3)Cougar PowerX 550W
    4)Fractal Design Integra M
    5)cooler master g550m
    5) corsair cx450m\550m

    thank you

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    It seems like you did ask the same question a couple of days ago in another forum and got good answers...

    Cooler Master G550 and CX450/550 are the best option

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